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  • Our picks

    • Waziper v3.0.0 Mod DevForest Decrypted
      Whats is this? - This is Waziper mod devforest (PlanifyX) full decrypted whatsapp module and wa.js

      Whats is included on this package? - WhatsApp Module + database & wa.js decrypted
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    • Waziper v3.0.0 Nulled - WhatsApp Marketing Tool Extended License Unlimited Domain & rotation feature
      Waziper v3.0.0 Number Rotation Script

      Latest Features -
      👉 Number Rotation
      👉 Support Center
      👉 Rest API with Buttons
      👉 Reseller Module
      👉 Razor Pay Payment Gateway(not yet implemented)
      👉 Link Generator
      👉 Campaign Report
      👉 Export Group Contacts
      👉 Buttons Template
      👉 OTP Validation on Signup Page
      👉 Chatbot
      👉 Auto Responder
      👉 Iphone button fixed

      Demo: https://rotate.xenme.co

      Hurry Up to avail the offer 🕺☝️❤️💰
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    • WHMCS v8.6.1 Nulled | Web Hosting Billing and Automation Platform
      Last week we announced the release of WHMCS 7.9 to General Availability.

      Today we have released WHMCS 7.9.1 which contains bug fixes and usability improvements. We recommend all 7.9.0 installations be updated to this release.

      Getting the Update
      You can update automatically using the Automatic Updater. Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the update process.

      As always, manual downloads are also being made available for those who wish to upgrade manually. You can download both the full release and incremental versions from the Download page.

      To learn more about WHMCS 7.9 and what's new, read the WHMCS 7.9 Release Announcement or visit the What's New in 7.9 microsite.
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    • Pixer v2.3.0 Nulled - React Laravel Multi-Vendor Digital Marketplace
      Pixer – React Laravel Multivendor is a digital eCommerce Marketplace script implemented based on Laravel, React, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS. It is one of the fastest and most secure digital assets selling E-commerce app. It’s very easy to use, we have used axios and react-query for data fetching. You can set up your API endpoints very easily and your frontend team will love using it. It has REST API support. On the frontend, we have used React, NextJS [ TypeScript ] & Tailwind, and Laravel for the backend. Full source code is available. It’s very easy to install and deploy. It will help you to grow your business fast as it’s a very easy digital e-commerce solution. We have added good documentation, tutorials and we tried to make everything extendable and reusable so you can edit as your own need. It has full admin support too to maintain and manage your order. You will get full source code, Frontend, and Backend. It has Multivendor support. The script has both dark mode and light mode for the shop version that will blow away your user experience.

      We do not recommend cPanel. You can purchase any $5 - $10/mo server from amazon lightsail or digitalocean or any ubuntu server.


      Check our Shop demos :

      https://pixer-shop.vercel.app/<br style="color:#545454; font-size:16px; text-align:start">

      email: [email protected]
      password: demodemo

      Check our admin :

      https://pixer-admin.vercel.app//<br style="color:#545454; font-size:16px; text-align:start">

      email: [email protected]
      pass: demodemo

      email: [email protected]
      pass: demodemo

      Multiingual Demo :

      https://pixer-shop-multilang.vercel.app/<br style="color:#545454; font-size:16px; text-align:start">https://pixer-admin-multilang.vercel.app/

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    • Waziper v1.0.3 Nulled - Whatsapp Marketing Tool for WordPress Unlimited Domain
      Waziper – Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for WordPress


      WhatsApp Marketing Tool Plugin for WordPress which is one of the products by Stackposts. You can use many of its features such as allowing you to automatically Bulk WhatsApp Sender by seconds to millions of customers, Auto Reply for a first message, Chatbot System with keywords or sentences, Sending all types of file like PDF, Excel, txt,... Additional, exporting contacts are from groups. It’s not only WhatsApp Marketing Software but also help your business keep and reach more customers.


      Tools can be used to organize, automate, and respond faster to messages or queries. When sending messages, we can send videos, photos and voice recordings.

      Sending BULK MESSAGES: Bulk messages save time, optimize resource use, and are a great tool for business-customer interaction. Random sending messages by the second.

      Replying Message Automatically: The great way for businesses to fulfill customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for their chat

      Chatbot System: Chatbots allow quicker response time to customer queries and faster resolutions

      Sending a Message to Numbers that are not in the contact: Now you can send WhatsApp messages to numbers without adding it to your contact list or address book

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