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  • IPS Community Suite Credits System

    Key Changes

    We will be installing and configuring the Members Shop application and moving ClxCode in an entirely new direction with content. We can't give a lot of details on the exact configuration just yet but if you're unfamiliar with the application, here's a brief overview:

    • Members will earn what we are tentatively dubbing credits for each piece of content that they create, whether it be a topic, response, or file submission. Members will also earn credits for having their post selected as a "best answer" in support forums, for providing constructive file reviews, and more.
    • These credits will be able to be redeemed through a "shop" page where you can purchase, with these credits, things like a username change, a pinned topic, a featured file, member titles, temporary donator upgrades, and store discount codes for paid files.
    • All files on the site, with the exception of our paid files located in the ClxCode Store, will require varying amounts of credits to download. We're uncertain if we're going to allow file submitters to set the price of their files or if we will assign a default value for each file.
    • Users will have the option of banking their credits, donating them to other users, or gambling them away for a chance at even more credits.

    With this system, we hope to not only encourage activity but promote a healthier community. Donator roles will still be available and existing donator roles will continue to be honored. Donators will receive a predetermined amount of free credits on a daily or weekly basis and will need to acquire the remainder of their credits organically (by posting, submitting files, etc).

    Additional Information

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